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Subject: Session timed out :(
Author: Xavier
Date: 09/17/2011 08:49

So HTTrack has been mirroring for 8hrs overnight and I just found out I can't
access most pages offline. When I click links inside those pages I'm being
redirected to all different pages who say "Session Timed Out, ...". All these
pages are called "defaultxxx.html" where xxx represents a random number.

I filtered out the logout pages, used the Capture URL function, have cookies
placed inside the folder from when I logged in. Any thoughts?Is there no way
to let HTTrack re-login by itself somewhere along the road?
I did set max con. to 1 per sec. so the server wouldn't be overloaded (asp
pages) plus it's a large website.

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Session timed out :(

09/17/2011 08:49
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