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Subject: Compiling for Windows
Author: Dawid Ciecierski
Date: 10/13/2011 11:01

First of all - congrats to Xavier and all the other contributors! The tools
you've built is invaluable to us in our current project, and it's heartwarming
to see that people are willing to contribute their time and effort to making
things this great.

We are, however, having a small issue with one of the files downloaded off our
site by HTTrack, and would like to investigate. We use Visual Studio 2010
daily for C# development, and thought we'd simply build the software and
breakpoint in the right place. 

However, we're finding compiling on VS2010 a tricky affair. The solution
provided (WinHTTrack.sln) has incorrect paths to some of the projects
(libtest.vcproj, httrack.vcproj), while other projects simply do not exist
(proxytrack, webhattrack, htsjava). We noticed that contents of src_win need
to be copied to src in order to work. We downloaded zlib-1.2.3, but that does
not provide a .vsproj. 

In addition, solution configuration seems to be very specific to the machine
it was developed on with regards to library and other paths (output directory,
linker library directories, etc).

We'd be more than happy to help correct such things and contribute a clean
VS2010-compatible project if anyone's interested. However, we're currently
looking for pointers as to which of the libraries are needed, and which of the
projects are no longer used (htsjava?). 

Have any of you built the Windows version from source? Any helpful advice on
how to proceed?
Kind regards,
Dawid Ciecierski

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