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Subject: Downloading pictures
Author: Stephanie
Date: 10/17/2011 12:21
I want to download a picture gallery. 
I have a long list of webaddresses to my pictures. Each picture has it's own

I have installed WinHTTrack. Entered the list of my webaddressses. Saved the
lot in my chosen destination folder.


1. In this destination folder I now have a few dozen sub-folders. 

E. g. Folder "08" contains folder "i" contains folder "001" contains folder
"11" contains folder "39" which finally contains the picture I meant to

I don't want any subfolders at all, I simply want all my pictures in the
destination folder. How do I achieve this?
2. In order for the pictures to be really useful they need to be named
correctly. The name of the website as the name of the picture would be good
for example. Instead the current name of the picture is always a string of 
four letters and numbers_five other letters and numbers
e. g. b4bc_1be45

I in no wise recognize this sequence. That is not a useful name. Can I give
the pictures the name I want (name = url) somehow while downloading?

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