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Subject: extract pictures from forums
Author: alice
Date: 10/20/2011 16:06
hi there!

First of all big THANK YOU for this great application. It seems really
powerful! But power wants to be controlled and I am not a pro in coding so Id
like to ask HOW TO EXTRACT ALL Beautiful PICTURES from the site

I browsed the forum and tried a lot of different methods ie 
-* +mime:text/html +mime:image or other settings but the best result I got was
to rip the entire page. the result after about 6 hours of processing was
1,25GB of data which contained "only" about 600 MB of pictures. 

So it would be REALLY appreciated if someone could explain how this stuff
works because there so many beautiful pics on this site (and other forums like
it) but it takes way too much time to do it all by hand.

Thank you very much!

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