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Subject: Image Ripping Issues
Author: Neil
Date: 11/02/2011 09:23
I am trying to do a trial rip on a site: <>

I simply want to get all .jpg files above 10kb from all parts of the site that
have <> in the name, and I want nothing from sites

I am not sure how to fine-tune it, but under url I am either typing
<> or <*">; and under scan rules I
am typing -* +*.jpg*[>10]

I am unfamiliar with the mime prompts (or any of them, really), and I am not
sure if the final "/" in <> is causing issues as the
site itself lacks that character.

I apologize if this is confusing, but I am willing to clarify as needed. 
Also, to put my lack of knowledge in the realm of software programming, my
coding skills peak at the use of ipconfig and iprelease, and that doesn't even
apply to this program. >.<

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