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Subject: Re: httrack 3.44 wizard and connections
Author: Daniel Konopka
Date: 11/10/2011 21:41
I have just spotted a possible bug here:

[ Line 935 @ httrack\src\htscoremain.c ]

if (isdigit((unsigned char)*(com+1))) {
  while(isdigit((unsigned char)*(com+1))) com++;
  opt->maxsoc=max(opt->maxsoc,1);     // FORCER A 1
} else opt->maxsoc=4;

Looks like -c parameter is not taken into account at all and it is
being forced (through opt->maxsoc) all the time to 4,
possibly because of a bad *com pointer?
isdigit() seems to fail there, because even -c0 does not trigger
the warning message in the log.

-%c (opt->maxconn) works here as expected, however, and triggers the security
in the log, if -%c0 is given.

( I do not have the compiler environment set up at the moment, so I can only
guess )

Could someone with a compiler set up take a look at it?
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