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Subject: Re: Download all pdfs from a website (BUG Xavier)
Author: William Roeder
Date: 11/12/2011 21:21
> from and all its subpages.I've used in
> filters this option:
> -* +mime:text/html +*.pdf
> I've set the maximum depth to 20,the external one to
> 2.The browser identity is
I don't know why you set external to 2. Last I heard external was broken -
won't stop.

-* +mime:text/html +*.pdf should have worked. 

All the pages below main are full references with a trailing slash, e.g.
<> With the log on debug all pages are
rejected (-*) 

It should have checked the mime type and accepted it. Another bug for Xavier.

I added an extra filter to the end, allow ending slash urls: +*/*[]
and the pdfs started downloading.
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Download all pdfs from a website

11/12/2011 19:14
Re: Download all pdfs from a website (BUG Xavier)

11/12/2011 21:21


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