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Subject: Help me download this forum...
Author: Duc
Date: 11/26/2011 16:06
Hi all, I've just known about offline browser software for few days and
find-out this site with cool-program :)
And i've tried to download a part of forum, it's here:
But the problem is HTTrack download threaded-mode-pages, which make me
inconvenience in browsing. And i don't know how to make a filter to download
only that sub-forums. Please help me solving this site. Thanks.

Btw, i used it to download another forum (no threaded-mode) but i realize that
the program just download 2 first and 2 last pages (4), and it ignore the
mid-pages. What code do it use to download ? And if you can, please make a
program for forum. Once thanks again! :)

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Help me download this forum...

11/26/2011 16:06


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