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Subject: Terminate HTTrack process after mirroring [Ubuntu]
Author: Justifor Funknoel
Date: 11/29/2011 22:53

I use HTTrack a lot, and I love it.
Ubuntu 11.04 - 3.43.12-1ubuntu1 (webhttrack)
The issue I am dealing with is:

After I start the download for 25 or 30 mirrors in one session, I am unable to
start a new instance of httrack, even if most of them are already finished and
only 3 or 4 are still active.(all the previous instances of the website copier
are still active, and I have to end the processes manually, in order to start
another instance) 
This takes time to locate the right Process ID, and kill the right ones (and
still keep the ones active).
 This could be easily resolved with a system reboot. Still a reboot is not an
option in my case.

Is there any way to end the process easier after the mirroring is finished?


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Terminate HTTrack process after mirroring [Ubuntu]

11/29/2011 22:53


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