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Subject: Can me Help!
Author: Enzo1973
Date: 11/30/2011 13:13
I interested me for History Photographic, and I can't use this Tool very well
so I must copy all then ever for the Photos of the Side with the Text. 
Arter I have coped all Photos I search the *.jpg an put it to an other Dir.
So this I can do, it is sufficient for me but I have a question to you all. 
This Page <> don't send the infos who the photos really
are deposit. 
The URL is a swf file and it's also uncopyable with FlashCatch. I have tried.
Is there a way to copy with this Program all Photos for me?I need only the
Photos for looking back.
Can you Help? 

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Can me Help!

11/30/2011 13:13
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11/30/2011 17:34


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