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Subject: Re: slideshow with no sound
Author: William Roeder
Date: 12/02/2011 15:45
> i started to download from
> <>
> d=2&topicID=4 , the slide shows are downloaded but
> silent with no sound , is there a way to have them
> with sound . 

1) Always post the command line used (log file line two)
2) There are no links to the sound. The slide shows play via a SWF and that is
what downloads and plays the sound. In a mirror the SWF is local to your
machine so it tries to get the sound from a server on your machine - no server
and no files, so no sound. Had the sound file been passed to the SWF, then
using Detect All Links might have gotten them. Instead they passed "mp3=url"
so HTT can't find them.
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