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Subject: Re: collecting ++5500 sreenshots from urls & save them
Author: schoko_lade
Date: 12/11/2011 20:07
hello xavier 

mamy thx  for the quick reply. Well i try to do the job with FireFox and the
Perl Mechanize module.-But wait. As i only need some little Thumbnails - the
main focus not lies on 100 % qualitiy. If we take the "Fit for use" in
consideration - i think i should do a first try with httrack. What do you
think. How difficult it is to grab 100 different sites, weheras the urls
reside in a folder. Httrack fetches the urls and does the job -fetches the raw
file and stores this file in a certain folder - and thats important - with a
certain filename, so that i can identify the image file and have a
corresponding file. 

Besides this trial i also give the Perl Solution a try. 
And there is a third solution... 

This is a posting that is related to an image-display-topic. 

remember the the goal: i want to retrieve the image of a given website - as a
screenshot. As an example - what i have in mind we can have a look at the site and there - see "Sites Made with Drupal" You see that
 there the image is changing from time to time. It changes every visit (i
guess). Well how do they do that?! whats the solution?
but: with PHP, it is easy to get the HTML contents of a web page by using

$url = <>;
$output = file_get_contents($url);

well - what do you think. Can i add a list of URLS into a database and then
let the above mentioned image gallery do a call and show the image, or should
i fetch all the images with a perl - programme (see below) or httrack and
store it locally to do calls to the locally based file. Hmm - i hope that you
understand my question ... or do i have to expalin it more... ?! Which method
is more smart is just less difficult and just easiser to accomplish?
Thats pretty easy -no scraping that goes into the deepnes of the site. Thank
god it is that easy! With the second code i can store the files into and
folder using the  corresponding names

To sum it up: this is a question that is related to a method - fetching data
on the fly eg  with $output = file_get_contents($url);  ...or getting the data
(more than 5500 images - that are screenshots from given webpages [nothing
more nothing less] and store
 it here locally - and do calls to them ... 

Which method is smarter!? 

love to hear from you 

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