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Subject: chain of problems
Author: Charlie Barfield
Date: 12/17/2011 23:32
chain of problems
using V3.41-3
first i downloaded a website

then i wanted to add a second website to the first because it was related, i
wanted to "library" them using the httrack index page.

so i removed the first from the download list because i didnt want that
rechecked (because i cant tell it to ignore that entry in the project list).
and i added the second.
solution: allow items (web addresses) in projects to be independently be
updated/downloaded and have independent settings.

of course it didnt do what i wanted, and replaced the first site in the
interface. and i forgot my first site is still saved! i gave up on what i fist
wanted and wanted to fix it and redownloaded the first telling it not to purge
the old files. of course it didnt, it overwrites 80% of them. i can assure you
none have changed in 30mins. 
1: check if file exists then check if sizes match (CRC is better if possible/
check file date on server if possible), if that checkbox is checked.
2: dont bother downloading if the file exists or labelled as done in the old

so i am downloading first and second sites independantly and i wanted to view
the log errors of the first site. and its adding entries all the time so the
log is flashing and i can momentarily see what i want to see, before another
item is added and the list goes back to the top.  so i tell it to hide the
infos. and i am left with a few items. now i want to scroll across because i
want to read the rest of the lines... and the computer crashes, with httrack
grey colour all over the screen with no text or mouse cursor, and num or caps
do not work. video card is a ati mobility 3650, on a DELL.
1: pause the log
2: word warp the log with the warped lines being indented.

i had been wanting some of these fixed for a while, but this happened today.

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