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Subject: My Version (3.44-1) Not seen in Update check
Author: Tony Mastrullo
Date: 12/22/2011 02:20
I'm Running Ver 3.44-1 yet on an update check don't get it recognised.
>> My Laptop is an Dell i6400.
>> Intel Dual (T7200) CPU 2.0GHz.
>> 4 GB RAM (3.25 XP(800MHz running at 667MHz (DDR2).
>> OS Win XP Pro SP3.
>> Video PCI-E ATI X1400 512MB (No Shared Mem).

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My Version (3.44-1) Not seen in Update check

12/22/2011 02:20
Re: My Version (3.44-1) Not seen in Update check

12/23/2011 18:24


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