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Subject: Disabling renaming of files
Author: Geoffrey W. Curtis
Date: 01/05/2012 04:27
Would like to avoid having to delve into the source, but is there a way to
disable naming of files that do not have an extension?
A lot of sites i want to download contain directories with source code, more
often than not designed on linux.  As such a lot of the related tools for that
platform do not use extensions (README, Makefile, COPYING, etc.) and it is
really tedious to have to go back and fix files that have been turned into
"*html.html" files.  Possibly only rename files that have invalid names for
the current platform (or type checking is turned on)?
My main usage is for downloading a site, not so much having it be viewable
locally.  With this type of renaming its not really a way to back up a site,
but still useful i guess.

Sorry if i am repeating, if so my poor attempts at choosing search terms is to
blame, heh.

Thanks for all your efforts.

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Disabling renaming of files

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