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Subject: a couple of nuisances
Author: Trespasser
Date: 02/12/2012 18:44
Hi, I like using HTTrack except for couple of things.

Firstly, there's a annoying sound after the work is done. It's annoying
because I can be watching something, or listening to something, or talking to
someone. Not only there should be an easily accessible option to disable it,
but also it should be disabled by default. It's a very crude intrusion in
today's computer use as an all-purpose media station. Or should I delete that
*.wav manually every time I update a version?
Secondly, I discovered that I got some sites saved with incomplete images so I
chose to update it hoping that update mechanism could evoke something like
date of creation and file size response from server to decide of what's to
update. To my dismay, no broken pictures were reloaded. Of course it is not
always possible to get all file attributes from a server, but I think HTTrack
can try to resolve these, and also try to reload some links that failed in a
previous attempt (like 404 errors etc.).

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