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Subject: Oddity with Opera/linux (Ubuntu)
Author: graham
Date: 02/13/2012 21:58
I've just installed 3.44-5 on Ubuntu 10.04 (previous I've used it in Windows)
and using Opera 11.61 as my main browser. When I start up HTTrack a new Tab is
created (in the already running Opera) saying "Could not connect to remote
server". Thinking that it may have been something to do with Opera, I loaded
Firefox as well. This time when I started HTTrack the page opened correctly -
in Opera !.
So it will work fine with Opera as long as I have Firefox loaded as well.
Which is not a major problem.
Any thoughts/comments ?(I see that there was a similar but answered post in


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Oddity with Opera/linux (Ubuntu)

02/13/2012 21:58


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