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Subject: Unable to compile in limited hosted environment
Author: John
Date: 02/13/2012 22:14
I am trying to do the "make install" step to compile/install HTTrack in a
hosted environment where I cannot obtain su.

It is giving be the dreaded "fork bomb" ("fork: Resource temporarily
unavailable") which is usually caused by insufficient files, processes or CPU. 
The files and CPU look OK, but the # of processes is limited to 15 (20 would
be more comfortable).

I would normally correct this with "ulimit -u 20", but do not have su
capabilities, and the host (sureserver) will not play nice.

Does anyone know a way to force the linux gcc in such an evironment to work
within this limit?  

Any workaround suggestions would be appreciated.

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Unable to compile in limited hosted environment

02/13/2012 22:14


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