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Subject: Re: Few suggestions...
Author: William Roeder
Date: 02/14/2012 15:08
> 1. Make treeview optional.
It is - drag the separator to the left.
> 2. Make that awful beep sound optional.
It is - control panel -> sounds -> WinHttract
> So I was trying to download zip, rar and dll files
> from a website. What should I put in Scan Rules?> Nothing! HTTrack will
download everything anyway.
> Only set "-"something you don't want. But then
> again, I can't use -*.* to exclude everything else
> besides rar, zip and dll files..
*.* is a DOS anachronism -*.* only excludes files that contain a dot.
You can't exclude the html if you want to spider the site.
-* +*.rar +*.zip +*.dll +mime:text/html
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