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Subject: Fuzzy Logic
Author: Tj
Date: 07/18/2002 23:46
First off... thanks for such a wonderful, open-source

Second, I am having troubles with bad links in pages.  I 
know this is not HTTrack's problem, but was wondering if 
you all might consider compensating for it?
Some of the problems I seem to be running into are that I 
am getting 404's when the files are there.  The problem is 
that the link specified 'index.htm' but in fact the file is 
named 'INDEX.HTM' on the web site itself (I checked to make 
sure this was in fact the issue, and as far as I can tell 
it is... I type in uppercase and can browse to it, type it 
in lower case and I get a 404).

Also, some of the links are pointing to something like an 
index.html, but the actual file on the web server is called 

Could you build in some method of implementing fuzzy logic, 
such as "if uppercase fails, try lowercase", or "if .htm 
fails, try .html"?

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