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Subject: Looking for an official Debian developper
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/19/2002 10:34
An official httrack exists for Mandrake, but not yet for 
Debian (the package at <> is a
"non official" one)

Therefore, I am looking for an official Debian developper 
to include the .deb package in the Debian distribution, if 
I can either be the packager (in this case I need an 
official developper to sponsor me) or provide necessary 
information to a packager so that the .deb package can be 

If you are an official Debian developper and wish to 
support httrack, please email me (

The httrack Debian WNPP id is #138574 (see 
<\&bug=138574>) and I
also applied to the Debian 
sponsorship program (see 


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Looking for an official Debian developper

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