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Subject: Re: Filter
Author: William Roeder
Date: 02/25/2012 03:27
> I am selecting a site like
> <> and I want to
1) always post the actual command line used (log file line two)
2) Do you really expect an answer when you don't even post the actual site.
3) When you log in do you get a http pop up or do you see a log in form?
> download only zip files.
4) Is /zip a directory and can your browser see it - no magic here, if you
browser can't neither can HTT.
> I am selecting in the Action "get separared files"
> and in the option +*.zip an HTTRack ist downloading
> all files in the Site.
5) if /zip is a directory and ALL zip files are at the directory - fine.
Otherwise you MUST let it spider the html to get the zip urls
6) +*.zip by itself only enables zip files from anywhere instead of the
default of only the starting site.
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