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Subject: .wht files
Author: Tom
Date: 07/21/2002 18:11
this is what i'm doing: before installing a new version of 
WINHTTrack, i always delete previous version that is 
already installed on my hard drive. after that, i install a 
new version but then something is wrong: whenever i want to 
open a project by clicking on it's icon (the one that 
has .wht extension, e.g. myproject.wht), it opens a HTTrack 
program and a pop up window with message 'file not 
found!'... and it happens only when HTTrack is installed 
via .exe version, but not when it's installed via .zip 
version... even if i do 'open with' and associate that file 
with HTTrack's .exe file it wont work.... and it was a 
problem not only with the latest version RC5B, but with all 
previous versions...

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07/21/2002 18:11
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