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Subject: Wordpress as HTML - How to?
Author: Nedim
Date: 03/14/2012 13:18
I'd like to save my Wordpress projects as HTML and put it afterwards instead of
Wordpress. How to configure httrack to do that?
Let's take an example like - my httracker gas a problem because
there is a 301 to the non-www version. If I enter an additional URL like
<> it crawls it good and the
HTML is great. How can I bring httrack to the point that I don't enter every
URL, so it crawls the URLs alone?
And how to have an output for
<> like
root/standard-business-card-dimensions.html and not
root/standard-business-card-dimensions/index.html ?
Thank you in forward! The tool is great!

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Wordpress as HTML - How to?

03/14/2012 13:18


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