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Subject: HTTrack Limitations
Author: Kumse
Date: 04/14/2012 10:32

iam beginner with such programs and in understnading how Web works but from
what i know there are several types of languages and limitations in how
httrack or other programs can handle it. Now i have to figure out whats my
failure(in settings) and whats httracks failure/limitation to get what i want
from web. What i download is very different, sometimes i have to copy the
whole mirror with all its functions to have it function like it does in web
and sometimes i just have download some filetypes.

yesterday i started to test some configurations in ltspice(an electronics
program) and i must download from manufacturerer-sites files called
"spice-models" in zip format and every webpage from manufactureres is
different and very slow in handling what makes me think how do i download such
huge amount of files without doing it manualy and there comes httrack or other
programs in


under "software-resources -> HW-Model -> Spice Model" is what i want but
wouldnt matter if i download the whole program/site and search the files in

most of the time on the pages i copy i end up with errors cause the pages
aren't clean html pages

can someone tell me what i can do to copy entire webpages or download special
files? scan-rules is one way but what can i do wrong or is it httrack what is
an step by step solvement on my example is an good start up, after then i hope
i understand enough to do all other stuff for my self

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