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Subject: Re: Bypassing content warning
Author: Charles
Date: 04/20/2012 07:45
O.k., There is a way into the site with Httrack. It should work for you.

First go to the <> home page.

Then click the "I understand..." link.

When clicking the I understand link you are taken to the home page of the
blog. The URL in the address bar will have a ( com/?zx= ) in the link. I post
that so you will know you are seeing the correct thing in the address bar. Let
the web page fully load.

Now in Httrack click the "Add URL..." box. (I already take it that you know to
have your browser set up correctly for the proxy settings when using the "Add
URL..." in Httrack.)

Now in Httrack click the "capture URL" box. Then click the "GO" button or
whatever your browser uses for that. Basically you are acting as if you have
typed or pasted the URL into your browser's address bar and you want to go to
that URL now.

I used an earlier version of Firefox browser.

Httrack should pop up a message that it has captured the link. If instead it
pops up an error message, try it again. It captured the link for me.

(First try to copy the site without adding the below link to the rules of
Httrack. It may be that since Httrack has saved the beginning URL that the
link may not revert back to the content warning page. If you find that you are
referred back to the warning page then add the below rule to Httrack).


I only let it copy a few minutes so that I could see that it was copying. You
may, or may not have to fine tune the allowed rules to copy all of the pages
that you want.

Also I don't know if you stop Httrack while it is copying if it will still use
the original URL again when Httrack is restarted, or if the website will want
a new authorizing link.

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