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Subject: Audio Players
Author: Stephen M
Date: 04/21/2012 21:43
Hello, I am interested in saving audio guides/tutorials/articles. This usually
includes audio + an audio player, i think it's in .swf.
Here's an example:

Now, I am trying to rip the whole page including the WORKING player i.e
getting the player and have it play the audio sample whenever I click into
By adding +*.mp3 +*.swf I could at best make the player appear in the mirrored
page + have the audio sample mp3 downloaded in httrack folder but it somehow
refuses to get embedded in the page giving me a "file not found" message.
How do I deal with it?
Also I wonder if there's a way to save/keep a sort of preset for the scan
rules, not having to repeat the same steps again and again if you deal with a
similar type of mirroring. Thanks a lot.

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04/21/2012 21:43
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