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Subject: Breaking the limit
Author: Anonymous
Date: 04/24/2012 22:04
Hi all

Just a bit of feedback, for all of you that wish to download at after speeds
than those imposed by Httrack (e.g. you see in log Httrack limits to x bytes
to avoid server overload), follow these steps:

Warning, The FAQ on Httrack still prevails, on more then 1 connection, so only
do this if your using a single connection.

1. When download via a Mirror, go go Mirror, Modify Options
2. On the limits tab, set Max. transfer rate to max. of speed desired... (mine
is 900000 B/sec.
3. Click OK

Your set..

Note: Even though originally may initially start if with a limitation, the
above is a way to bypass this limit.

Again, only do this on a single connection...

Doubt this is a bug,,, its probably intentional, but it works just fine.

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04/24/2012 22:04
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