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Subject: Help, I'm stuck!
Author: and
Date: 07/26/2002 19:15
I want to grab <> with all 
subpages with images without images (I'm downloading only 
html files). My problem: WinHTTrack downloads only 50% of 
all pages. My config: - scan rules:
-*.png -*.gif -*.jpg -*.css -*.js* -*

What I want to get? 
1. - main page
2. all pages (galleries) starting with linked from main page
3. all pages (part of galleries) starting with linked from galleries pages 

WinHTTrack downloads all of the first gally pages but not 
second and so on... WHY? Somethig interesting: all pages 
of the last gallery are downloaded! Also when I specyfi 
start adress as a gallery adress ( all pages are
downloaded. What I'm doing wrong? 


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Help, I'm stuck!

07/26/2002 19:15
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07/26/2002 21:07
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