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Subject: Re: commandline RC5b query
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/26/2002 20:47
> Noticed that usage is a bit stricter in RC5b than before -
> can't put filters in between options :)

?? What? Like '-q+*.gif-w' ? Or '-q +*.gif -w' ? (the first 
is invalid, NOT the second, which should work!)

> I was wondering how strict the dispersal of '+' filters 
> and '-' filters is: will httrack operate with these 
> filters 'mixed together', as opposed to 'httrack [-
> [+<filter>] [-<filter>]'?
I'm not quite sure I understand ; but anyway filters are 
processes from the left to the right ; each filter 
overriding previous filter behaviour:
-*.gif +*.gif
will accept all gif files, because the "-*.gif" will simply 
be "masked" by the "+*.gif", which is on its right

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