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Subject: Re: file name case-sensitive
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/26/2002 20:56
> I am using httrack for copying files and directories. 
> I am copying a file say 'myTEST.html', it is stored 
> as 'mytest.html' in the destination directory after 
> httrack. 
>   Can some one suggest me, how to make httrack command to 
> be case aware. 

Humn this is not possible for directories, because names 
are case sensitive on Unix systems ; example:
these two files would be saved in the same folder on 
Windows/DOS ; but on two different ones on Unix systems..

I could leave at least names sensitivitu "as is" ; that's 
right.. but in such case:

.. I would have to rename the second link anyway ; due to 
the DOS case unsensitivity..

I'll try to see if I can improve that, anyway!
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