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Subject: Re: I can't not download a site properly
Author: Leto
Date: 07/30/2002 00:17
> I am trying to download a site that I built on tripod. 
> When I try there are multiple errors. The site i am trying 
> to download is

I recently had to capture a couple of Tripod websites recently... and yuck..
they are horrible to do, because of a lot of javascript.

You haven't specified what errors you are getting, but I'm guessing that your
mirrored version doesn't show any graphics?
I found I actually had to modify the pages after they were downloaded by doing
the following.  Find this line:

document.write('<Base href="' + window.location.protocol + '//' + + dir + '/">');

And prefix it with:  //

So it becomes: //document.write(...
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I can't not download a site properly

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