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Subject: GPL license or LGPL?
Author: Michael Sizaki
Date: 07/30/2002 03:07

suppose, I write a commercial (shareware) program, that 
uses the (unmodified) commandline version of httrack. This 
should not violate the GPL, right?
Suppose, I use httrack as a library (dll) does this 
vilolate the license? I mean, the only difference is the 
way my programm "talks" to httrack. 

I could write my programm both ways. One advantage of 
usind it as separate process is, that my application does 
not crash, when httrack crashes. But this should be a very 
uncommon case....

Or does even using httrack as a commandline programm 
violate the license?

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07/30/2002 03:07
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