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Subject: Re: missing .jpg extension
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/30/2002 20:08
> some jpg on a website have missing .jpg extension, yet 
> showing OK in webbrowser. But when downloaded with 
> those jpg all got .html extension. Is it possible to fix 
> with MIME tweak? and how?
Err, this is weird, as the engine should test (test type) 
the MIME type, and then rename the file into .jpg.. except 
if you disabeld the type checking, or if the server sent a 
bogus MIME type.

Try to test the site using Netscape 4: unlike Explorer, it 
DOES respect the MIME type sent by the remote server. IE 
tries to be clever, and postprocess the headers using the 
data sent, which is a *BAD* idea.
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