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Subject: Confused by delth settings
Author: sofasurfer
Date: 07/11/2012 05:39
Httrack has been running for hours. Hmmm. Am I saving external links also. Will
this go on forever?
I have max depth set at 4. If I understand anything I think this means it
should follow links from the first page to the list of differant forums to the
list of posts on a forum and finally to the specific thread. How am I doing so
I have max external depth set at 1. I think this will allow it to follow a
link to an image file at another site and no farther. Correct?
Basically I am downloading a forum site. Any tips?

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Confused by delth settings

07/11/2012 05:39
Re: Confused by delth settings

07/11/2012 13:56


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