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Subject: Newbie Handholding Needed
Author: kytrid
Date: 07/11/2012 17:46
HTTrack neophyte here. I'm using the GUI version of HTTrack in Windows 7. I've
searched the forum here, but didn't manage to find a thread that dealt
specifically with my question, though I'm sure there's bound to be at least

I'm trying to configure HTTrack to copy
<> completely, and then to
copy every page that the site references. I'm trying to build it for offline
reading so that I can have it and every page it specifically refers to. 

So far I've made several attempts, each after browsing through the HTTrack
documentation. Thus far I've either ended up with too little website, or far
too much. I don't seem to be getting it yet. To save time and wasted bandwidth
on more failed attempts, can someone tell me how to configure the program
parameters so that it will do what I want?
Thanks in advance.


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07/11/2012 17:46
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