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Subject: Re: password site
Author: Hendrik
Date: 07/16/2012 09:53
Good day

I have a problem downloading a part of a website with all my clients details
on.  The loggin is a normal loggin where I must put my email and password in. 
The files that I need to download is in pdf format.

How the site works is that it gives you the home page, then you must click on
the sign in, then I must enter my  email and password.  When I am logged in I
must go to my account where It gives me the companies names 15 on a page. 
Then I have to click on a company name and it give me more details of the
company.  Then there is a link Auditors letter that I must click and it opens
the pdf file.  I am blind and have trouble reading all the faq's to get this
rite.  Also I have a limited time to get all my details downloaded from the
site for the company stands a chance to close down very soon.

Please assist me.

The site I am trying to download is <>
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