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Subject: probably umlauts
Author: Maxim
Date: 07/16/2012 11:40
I have faced a problem with german umlauts during mirroring of
Doing mirroring wrong files named "filename.htm.tmp" are created and when
mirroring ends those files are deleted.
After all in html wrong file nams appears:
instead of 

Message from the log file:
00:25:58	Error: 	"Not Found" (404) at link;rr_XR24_-_Installation_manual.pdf

Also I found when taking "Copy link location" on the original page and
inserting it in notepad/wordpad/MS Word the umlauts converts to a wrong one.

All posted solutions does not helps. 
I have tried German settings in Language for non-unicode programs (Region and
Language). No results here.
Iam using win 7st, FF 13.0.1 and httrack-3.46.1

Thank you in advance!

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probably umlauts

07/16/2012 11:40
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