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Subject: Re: web page format is not right on download
Author: WHRoeder
Date: 07/20/2012 18:23
> the usual trick of not following the spider rules in
1) NEVER override spider rules, unless you know what rules you are overriding
and why.

> set options is not doing the trick.  There is some
> page formatting not getting through so the
> replicated site is displaying in an irregular way.

> and other settings that could possible resolve?> 
> should i send screen shots or give u web page name?There are no mind readers
here. How do you expect ANY answer with you don't provide ANY information?1)
Always provide the command line used (or log file line two) so we know what
you did, what the site is
2) Always provide any useful information in the log file.
3) Always provide the url of the problem page and the url of what you're not

Put robots back and if you want everyting use the near flag (get non-html
files related)
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web page format is not right on download

07/19/2012 23:14
Re: web page format is not right on download

07/20/2012 18:23


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