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Subject: * * WinHTTrack/HTTrack 3.20RC7 is available!
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 08/04/2002 17:48
The update of the week :) (hum, many updates recently) 

Several new fixes for RC7, especially all RC6xx fixes, plus 
various other ones:

+ Fixed: Crashes due to binary files with bogus HTML type 
(not parsed anymore)
+ Fixed: Automatic resizing of filter stack
+ Fixed: Various ampersand (&) elements added
+ Fixed: External https and ftp links broken, relative 
https links broken
+ Shell: Several fixes, including registration type problems
+ Shell: "template files not found" fixed


Update for Windows: (you need only to update WinHTTrack.exe 
and if necessary httrack.exe)

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* * WinHTTrack/HTTrack 3.20RC7 is available!

08/04/2002 17:48
Re: * * WinHTTrack/HTTrack 3.20RC7 is available!

08/05/2002 05:12


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