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Subject: Serialization error fix?
Author: Daniel Fredriksson
Date: 08/23/2012 08:36
Our web department has this habit of naming article-pages into the whole
heading of the article, resulting in ridiculously long URLs - and causes
Httrack to get thousands of serialization errors and generating huge log files
(18 gigs from tonights effort). 

I've search the forums and see it is a common problem, but as a not too tech
savy guy I don't really understand the solutions offered. Could someone give
me a hint if this is possible to fix without renaming the individual pages? 

I have version 3.45-3, would updating to the latest version help at all? (all
updating is done through our support, otherwise I already would have tried

Many thanks

PS. an example of an URL (we have hundreds of these):

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Serialization error fix?

08/23/2012 08:36
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