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Subject: Extension Problem
Author: ajyto
Date: 08/27/2012 11:25
I tried to download this URL


Lots of links inside contain non-filetype-file like


But some has filetype


when i tried to download, the non-filetype-file was renamed to

// some-filehtml.html

this causes problem because basically the file are TXT, and when opened in
browser, the linebreaks are not recognized (since is not a HTML).

I already switch the options not to check document type and use Force old
HTTP/1.0 Request:

// Options > Spider > Check document type : Never
// Options > Spider > Force old HTTP/1.0 Requests : Check

but the problem still occuring. what are the right options to handle this?

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08/27/2012 11:25
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08/27/2012 11:37
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