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Subject: form with relative url, why convert?
Author: Uli
Date: 08/06/2002 18:02

I have a problem with a form and the submit action.

The source on the server is like:
<form method="get" action="/suche/suche.htm" name="suche" 

I can't find configurations that convert ALL links to 
relative url. (now: relative url / absolute url)

The scoure form httrack is like that:
<form method="get" 
action= name="suche" 

Why insert httrack "" in the form action?Can I turn it off? 

I use a search form on all sites. It gives the words to a 
special and large search-form. "suche.htm" is a java script 
search over a data-array.

The copy of the website is for a cd-project. 

Please give me some ideas.
Great thanks for your help!


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form with relative url, why convert?

08/06/2002 18:02
Re: form with relative url, why convert?

08/06/2002 22:17


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