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Subject: get correctly links and files from Ubuntuone
Author: Jm
Date: 08/29/2012 18:37

Someone knows how to get correctly the files from Ubuntuone?
If parsing html page, with rule to allow and download external
files (any level), I get the files but:


Converts to disk into:

1TO5N9Gc05WMI69vjhispShtml.html (456KB)
2UgH18fM4iRqQJEMBHEmcdhtml.html (1557KB)
VC-PW-EPUB.rar (456KB)
VC-PW-PDF.rar (1557KN)

Being duplicated.

But also HTTrack downloaded html code links not to file, but to .html, so
click the link does not launch the file or the mime file, but tries to show as
raw html wrong downloaded .html one (you can save to disk, rename to .rar or
zip, or whatever is the original file, and contents is Ok).

Thanks. Regards.


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get correctly links and files from Ubuntuone

08/29/2012 18:37


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