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Subject: Ctrl-C options
Author: Randy Edwards
Date: 08/07/2002 21:18
I just started playing with HTTrack, so forgive me if I
haven't caught this in the docs/FAQ:

I'm doing a mirror of a large site and sometimes I want to
stop and later restart HTTrack (Debian GNU/Linux version).

When I hit Ctrl-C I'm presented with a dialogue -- Quit,
Interrupt, and a couple of other options.

I think I'm using the program incorrectly.  Can someone
explain these 4 options the program gives after you hit
Ctrl-C?  Also, I assume that I should use a continue switch
afterwards -- but with which option?
If anyone can whack me with a clue-bat about
stopping/restarting HTTrack in the middle of a mirror I'd
greatly appreciate it; TIA.

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08/07/2002 21:18
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