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Subject: Re: incomplete pictures
Author: Wightowl
Date: 09/19/2012 15:56
Using WinHTTrack v3.46 I also receive missing or incomplete pictures and other
file types. Perhaps 5% of pictures are affected. They are more likely to be
affected if they are large. Thumbnail size pics are rarely affected. The
pictures load perfectly into Internet Explorer. How can IE have more length or
other information about the picture than WinHTTrack? If IE can load a picture
then WinHTTrack should also. Perhaps WinHTTrack gives up during a download due
to a short timeout somewhere in the object download routine. If a picture is
partially downloaded, Windows shows the correct length identical to the
complete picture. However a partial video has a shorter length shown in
Windows. A partial picture usually shows a correct top section and a grey or
corrupt bottom section. Where WinHTTrack partially downloads an image it will
not usually fail at the same place or at all during a re-download. There is
not much consistency. Earlier versions of WinHTTrack also had this problem.
Other than that WinHTTrack is an excellent program!
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