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Subject: better product proposal
Author: G E SPI
Date: 09/24/2012 12:24

I'll get straight to the point.

WinHTTrack can have a major revival if it has interface like  "Collusion
add-on for Firefox". This way the user can see where WinHTTrack is going and
perhaps control in real time what branches of the network graph to explore.
Google has similar add-on.

If such interface is implemented the same files does not have to be downloaded
multiple times. Also the user would have visual control of where the download
direction will go.  

Here is what I suggest: 
Step 1: Based on users settings construct a graph (visualise it as in
Collusion or similar)
Step 2: Allow the user to disable or enable nodes in the graph before the
download and during the download. Additional options could be to explore in
certain direction.

Finally Step 3: Enjoy and get credit for the most advanced website copier.

If you do that you would be the best.

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