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Subject: rebuild index.html with all sites in achieve
Author: dotnetCarpenter
Date: 10/13/2012 16:16
I got an issue with the auto generated index.html not containing the sites that
I have in a project. I realize this is not a new issue
( as it
was first reported back in 2003, but there doesn't seem to be a fix and all
replies are people having similar problems.

I first responded to the old thread but after realizing that no one had
answered in four years, I dare to make a new(er) thread about this.

Here is my post in it's entirety:
I got the same issue. I'm on my way to a forest cabin without Internet access
and would like to download all the pages I could possibly want to use while
out there. This adds up to a very long list of sites and I seem to keep
forgetting sites that I think I need. Without the capability to rebuild the
index, how would I go about this? Adding a new site doesn't corrupt the
achieve but index.html is rebuild with just the new sites and the old ones
seem to be forgotten though they are in the folder.

This is just tedious...

I forgot to mention that I'm using HTTrack version 3.46-nossl on Mac OSX Lion

// Jon

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rebuild index.html with all sites in achieve

10/13/2012 16:16
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