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Subject: Support for writing to MAF format
Author: incansvl
Date: 10/21/2012 19:26
I want to package the result of spidering a part of a site as a single
self-contained file.

The file format should ideally be easy to use, standards-based and compact.
The Mozilla Archive Format (MAFF) looks like a good candidate, but it's not
clear if HTTrack supports it.

There's a mention in one place on the forum of a "MAF plugin", but nothing on
the download page.

The MIME Types manual page for HTTrack it seems to imply you have to write an
MHT file from HTTrack and then convert it to MAF.

I would prefer not to (a) have to go through a Microsoft proprietary format,
(b) Process the potentially large files through a pipeline of multiple

Is there a solution that will enable HTTrack (actually WinHTTrack) to write
MAF files directly?

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Support for writing to MAF format

10/21/2012 19:26


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