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Subject: Problem with parameters/download-links
Author: Johannes Bittner
Date: 10/22/2012 10:03
Hi everyone, 

how can I set / handle parameters like ?file=/link-to-my-file?
I want to mirror a site that is build with a CMS called Contao
( that build download-links like this: 


so that the file will not be opened in the browser but downloaded. I can't get
this to work with httrack: httrack always creates a html-file (like home.html,
or with added signs in case there are more than one per page) that is in fact
the PDF. 

But clicking the link in the mirrored copy will not start the download but
open the file source in the browser. 

Is there a way to tell httrack that the parameter "home.html?file=" indicates
a link to a file?

Thanks in advance,


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Problem with parameters/download-links

10/22/2012 10:03
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